Fredericton Playhouse Inc. Seeking New Board Members

Fredericton Playhouse Inc. is currently seeking individuals interested in serving on its board of directors

About the Organization 

Fredericton Playhouse Inc. is a charitable, non-profit company with a mandate to manage and develop a live performance venue in downtown Fredericton. Operating in an integrated partnership with the City of Fredericton, its mission is to deliver relevant and sustainable programs, services, and facilities to provide meaningful live performance experiences. 

About the Board of Directors 

The board of directors is comprised of individuals who share the values of the organization, contribute to the board’s decision-making, and have a personal commitment to the organization’s vision and mission.  

The board’s primary role is to establish policies, undertake strategic planning, manage executive performance, develop resources and influence, and provide linkages to stakeholders and to the larger community.  

New board members begin their service on January 1st and serve a term of three years.  

General qualifications 

Board members must: 

  • Be an individual 19 years or older. (Youth may serve on the Youth Advisory Committee); 
  • Be able to meet the projected time commitment (6 regular meetings per year plus committee work, volunteering at special, events, etc.); 
  • Have the capacity for personal attention to the organization; 
  • Have the ability to function as a deliberative body (to participate in group decision making using pre-established principles of the group); 
  • Be willing to participate in board orientation and continuing education; 
  • Demonstrate objectivity, intelligence, integrity, and communication skills; 
  • Possess an ideology and values consistent with those of the organization; and 
  • Make a personal commitment to the organization’s mission and vision. 


If you are interested in contributing to the community as a volunteer board member, please provide a written submission, including your CV, by August 15, 2021 to  

Please include “Attention Nominating Committee” in the subject line. 

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