Friends of the Fredericton Playhouse

Over the last few weeks, we have asked you, our Playhouse community, to please support us by joining the Friends of the Fredericton Playhouse. Making a charitable gift is an important investment in the future of thousands of children, no matter where their dreams may take them, and helps connect our neighbours with the transformative power of the performing arts.

Staff members in front of the Fredericton Playhouse. The marquee reads "Thanks friends".

This year, though COVID-19 has presented us with a new reality, our commitment to celebrating and sharing the possibilities of the performing arts is no different. Our new InterMISSION program is paying over 70 local artists to develop their craft in the Playhouse this Fall, providing meaningful work at a time when their careers have been grounded. We have re-opened our theatre to the community and will return to delivering important programs like our School Field Trips for local students and our Arts Are for Everyone accessibility programs. COVID-19 is requiring us to make adjustments, but we are up to the challenge!

To meet this challenge and continue serving our community in the long term, we need your help. And this year, we need you more than ever.

Learn more about the Friends of the Fredericton Playhouse HERE.

Donations allow us to:

• Design and deliver programs and services that make important connections between artists, audiences, and the community

• Provide special school matinee field trips to local students

• Reach audiences that may otherwise have limited opportunity to experience the performing arts through our Arts are for Everyone program

By joining our circle of Friends, you can help us strengthen our community through the magic of live performance. Together, we can provide inspiration, entertainment, and connection now and in the years to come. Perhaps now more than ever, we need to provide these experiences for our community. This is our mission and our reason for being.

Throughout the last 8 months, we have been truly inspired and humbled by the outpouring of care and concern from people like you. We sincerely appreciate your support and thank you for considering a charitable gift today.

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