Design to begin. An important step forward.

Statement from Greg MacFarlane, President, Board of Directors

RE: City of Fredericton’s decision to begin design of a new performing arts centre.

10 November 2020

The Board of Directors of Fredericton Playhouse Inc. is very pleased with the recent decision by Fredericton City Council to engage a team lead by Diamond Schmitt Architects to begin the design of a new Performing Arts Centre to replace the existing Playhouse.

Replacing the Playhouse facility, which is beyond its useful life, is an urgent priority for our organization and for the community it serves.

We were pleased to participate in the rigorous process to select a design team, the results of which will undoubtedly serve Fredericton very well. Diamond Schmitt Architects and their team of local and international design consultants is an excellent choice for this project. Their experience and reputation in designing live performance facilities across Canada and internationally positions them perfectly to understand our project and the benefits it intends to deliver.

We are excited to work with the Diamond Schmitt team, bringing our experience, expertise, and our connection to the local community to the process of designing a new facility. This new venue will better serve future generations of artists, residents and visitors, contributing to a high quality of life, attracting investment, and contributing to the economic vitality and social wellbeing of our region.

In these times of economic uncertainty, a major investment in public infrastructure is most certainly welcome. We are confident that the design phase of this project will bring us closer to making this important project a reality.

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