The Ultimate Night Out: Mariachi Music & Mexican Street Food

mariachi music and mexican street food come to the fredericton Playhouse

Looking for something new to do in Fredericton?

Enjoy the perfect night out at the Fredericton Playhouse with mariachi music and Mexican street food.

Bringing mariachi music to the Playhouse

Our director of programming, Valerie Hillier, has wanted to bring mariachi music to the Playhouse for years. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly costly.

So when she learned that Mariachi Herencia de Mexico had received a grant to travel North America, she was thrilled!

Student-musicians from Chicago’s Mexican-American neighbourhoods bring their heritage to life

Mariachi Herencia de Mexico is made up of incredibly talented student-musicians from Chicago’s Mexican-American neighbourhoods.

Nobody could have anticipated the success of their first album.

Released in 2017, Nuestra Herencia (Our Heritage), received a Latin GRAMMY nomination, attracted local and national news coverage, and created new demand for appearances around the country.

Listen as they describe their favourite tracks from the album

“I hope people that people who have never listened to mariachi music can enjoy it,” says one of the musicians. “They’ll realize just how beautiful and diverse mariachi music is.”

That’s our hope for the Fredericton community as well!

Holding their own with the best in the world

Mariachi Herencia de Mexico has performed alongside major artists like Lila Downs, Aida Cuevas, Pedro Fernández, as well as some of the most respected mariachi groups from both sides of the border.

This group of students has the talent, training and bravado to hold their own with the best in the world.

Experience More! with Mexican Street Food

Enhance your evening at the Fredericton Playhouse by starting off with some authentic Mexican street food prepared by Johnathan Ramirez and the Monkey Truck team.

Tickets are currently sold out for our Experience More! Mexican Street Food event, but you can call the box office at 458-8344 to be added to the wait list. We will let you know when/if tickets become available.

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How to buy tickets

You can purchase tickets for Mariachi Herencia de Mexico and the Mexican Street Food Experience at or by calling the Box Office at 458-8344.

Meal tickets must be purchased separately from performance tickets.

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