City Kicks Off Design Phase for New Performing Arts Centre

We’re thrilled that the City of Fredericton has voted to take this next step! For more information and updates, don’t forget to check out Build the Playhouse 2.0.

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City Kicks Off Design Phase for New Performing Arts Centre

The City of Fredericton has announced plans to move forward with the design phase of a new regional Performing Arts Centre (PAC), committing $125,000 toward the selection of a design firm to create the conceptual design for the new space.

“The PAC has long been the City’s top priority and tonight’s commitment is a major move forward toward making it a reality,” said Mayor Mike O’Brien. “Everyone knows the Playhouse is on its last legs and could close down at any time due to one of its many serious systemic problems. We need to build momentum and get moving on a replacement before we lose this cherished institution.”

Councillor Bruce Grandy, Chair of the City’s Development Committee and a long-time champion of the PAC project, will sit on the selection committee. He explained some of the priorities the group has been tasked with: “Getting the best design for the most reasonable cost will be top of mind,” he said. “This design process will need to give us options to build this facility in phases in order to allow us to manage this affordably.  We also need to look at ways of integrating the new Playhouse with the Fredericton Convention Centre next door.”

The City of Fredericton has already committed $14M to the construction of a replacement for the Playhouse.

Coun. Grandy said that a new PAC dovetails perfectly with the City’s economic development priorities and Fredericton’s Growth Strategy. “The economic and social benefits of the Playhouse to the downtown core, the city proper and the larger region are undeniable, so it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get this done.”

“The Playhouse Board has worked tirelessly to get to this point and we are thrilled to get moving on the actual design for the Playhouse 2.0,” said Playhouse Board Chair Greg MacFarlane. “This facility will benefit the capital region for decades to come and we’re proud to be here tonight and support this important step.”

City of Fredericton.

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