Do you remember your first time at the Fredericton Playhouse?


Do you remember your first visit to the Playhouse? Our staff sure do!

Claire Geldart, Communications Director

My first experience at the Playhouse was when I was 12-years-old. We had just moved to Fredericton and I wasn’t thrilled about the move. For my birthday, my parents took me to The Secret Garden. I remember the anticipation, getting dressed up, taking our seats, the lights going down…This was the first time that I really felt connected to the city and the Playhouse and Fredericton’s theatre community really became my home. It’s such a gift to be able to share that magic through our School Field Trips program.

Valerie Hillier, Director of Programming

My first memories of coming to the Playhouse are from when I was very young. My mother would bring me to see the ballet. This was when the National Ballet and Royal Winnipeg Ballet were still touring. I’m grateful everyday for having a parent who felt it was so important for me to have the opportunity to experience live performance. It’s really made me the person that I am today, and brought me to the Playhouse as an adult.

Christina Nicoll, Development Director

The first time I came to the Playhouse was to see a production of the Secret Garden with my high school English class. The experience was really special because the school I went to was an hour outside of Fredericton and we traveled in for the evening performance.  I remember sitting up in the balcony and just thinking about how amazing the show was.

Tim Yerxa, Executive Director

My mother took us to see Theatre New Brunswick’s production of A Christmas Carol at the Playhouse when I was very young. I can clearly remember sitting in the seats and being frightened out of my boots by the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. It was a really impactful experience and my first time seeing a live theatre performance.

School Field Trip Program

Photograph by: Stephen MacGillivray Photography & Video

Last year thousands of local children had the opportunity to experience the magic of live performance at the Playhouse — and that number keeps growing! It’s the contributions from our Friends of the Fredericton Playhouse that make community access programs, like School Field Trips, a reality.

Make a donation

Gifts from the Friends of the Fredericton Playhouse help to foster a rich cultural life for everyone in our community. Donations allow us to:

  • Reach audiences that may otherwise have limited opportunity to experience the performing arts through our Arts are for Everyone program.
  • Provide special school matinee field trips to local students.
  • Deliver unique workshops and learning experiences in conjunction with visiting world-class artists through the Experience More! series.

To make a financial contribution, simply go to our website or download a copy of the Friends of The Fredericton Playhouse donation form.

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