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Costume designer Lynn Addleman named recipient of The Playhouse Honours 2017

by on July 6, 2017

Photo credit: Andre Reinders.

The Board of Directors of the Fredericton Playhouse is pleased to announce that costume designer Lynn Addleman has been named the 2017 recipient of The Playhouse Honours.

Over the past 40 years, Addleman worked diligently as a leader and supporter of the arts community in Fredericton. Much of this work has been behind the scenes in her volunteer role as a costume designer and coordinator for Fredericton High School drama and musical theatre productions.

During her time with Fredericton High School productions, Addleman crafted costumes for more than 100 students each year.  The care she took to ensure that each student felt special and valued was evident from the work that was put into each costume, always making sure it fit just right, that each student was comfortable and happy in their garments, and that the costumes fit the time period of the show.

Addleman is renowned by those who have the chance to work with her for her ability to inspire confidence in young people, and a great loss was felt after she retired from Fredericton High School productions last year.

Susan Holt, President of the Fredericton Playhouse Board of Directors, says she is thrilled to recognize Addleman’s accomplishments. “Lynn has demonstrated excellence in her craft of costume design, while also showing care and compassion for those she serves,” Holt said. “Her ability to support others while working behind the scenes on theatrical productions is impressive. We are proud to name Lynn as the recipient of The Playhouse Honours for 2017.”

Though most well known for her work with Fredericton High School, Addleman has also designed costumes for Bard in the Barracks. For more than 15 years Addleman has maintained over 10,000 costume pieces. She has carefully prepared rentals for public schools and universities in the area as well as Theatre New Brunswick’s Theatre School, Notable Acts, Bard In the Barracks, community theatre groups and for individual students attending auditions and Music Festival competitions.

Beyond her work as a costume designer, Addleman has taken on roles as a fundraiser, event coordinator, supporter and volunteer for other arts groups in the city, and has served as a board member for various organizations, including On Stage, the Centre for Musical Arts’ Summer Music Festival at UNB, the New Brunswick Choral Federation and the Fredericton Choral Society.

“I was astounded to learn that I was nominated to receive The Playhouse Honours,” Addleman said. “Live theatre, dance and music have been an important part of my life, and I was pleased to find a little niche through costuming in which I could contribute. I am thrilled and honoured to know that my efforts have been noticed and valued by the community.”

Established in 2008, the Playhouse Honours is given annually to an individual selected by the Fredericton Playhouse Board of Directors. Generously presented by Atlantic Mediaworks, the program recognizes an individual’s involvement in the performing arts in Fredericton, fostering a deeper appreciation of the value that people can bring to community life through their work in music, theatre, dance, spoken word and multidisciplinary performing arts. A permanent display in the west gallery of the Playhouse recognizes the honourees.

Previous recipients of The Playhouse Honours include Ilkay Silk, Brent Staeben, Philip Sexsmith, Walter Learning, Mabel Doak, Bonnie Kilburn, Michael Doherty, Aida & Hrvoje Tisler and Peter Pacey.

  1. Cheryl Mulholland permalink

    Congratulations, Lynn. Well deserved, for sure.

  2. Anne and Russ Hunt permalink

    We can’t imagine a more deserving person. Congratulations to the Playhouse for this award: it’s work that isn’t often recognized, and Lynn is superlative at it.

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