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Spotlight Series picks from the Fredericton Playhouse staff

by on August 13, 2015

Tickets are on sale now for the Fredericton Playhouse’s 2015-2016 Spotlight Series, and we’re proud to present a season that includes some of the most exciting artists touring today in music, theatre and dance, covering a wide range of genres. With so many incredible performances to choose from, we decided to ask the experts – our own staff members – to name the shows they’re most looking forward to this season! Here are just a few highlights of the upcoming Spotlight Series. For a full list of shows, visit

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From Sally Goodwin, Patron Services Manager:

I’m a big fan of exposing my kids to performances that are not necessarily created specifically for children, but are still accessible and enjoyable for them.  My favourite pick this year would be Robert Post, an energetic, attention grabbing show that guarantees a great night for both adults and kids alike!

Count Basie Orchestra

From Jeff Fevens, Technical & Facilities Director:

As a trombone player myself, I’m looking forward to Chicago tribute band Brass Transit and the Count Basie Orchestra. The horn section for Chicago is smooth, quick, and tight. I played Chicago’s records till the needle wore through the vinyl. My first experience with a jazz trombone player was with the recording of JJ Johnson, back in Grade 8 and even though he played with the Count Basie Orchestra for a short time, that introduced me to big band, swing, and bebop.


From Tim Yerxa, Executive Director:

We rarely get to see theatre like SEEDS in Fredericton. I saw a staged reading of this performance in Montreal last fall and this “docudrama” is one that everyone who cares about food, farming, science, and the influence corporations and law has on them should see.

I love dance and I’m particularly interested in how street dance is evolving, establishing more and more credibility in the traditional performing arts scene. I think Bboyizm represents the very best of this movement (no pun intended) and will be an exciting and energetic show for both aficionados and newcomers to live dance performance.


From Jonathan Harpur, Technician (Lighting Specialist):

I’m looking forward to Wingfield Lost and Found and Classic Albums Live’s Creedence Clearwater Revival: Chronicle. The first because that series of shows provide enough humour to qualify as an excellent bladder control check, and I think Ned Beatty is a national treasure; and the second because Classic Albums Live’s shows are consistently outstanding for performance quality.


From Judy Joe, Head Technician:

I can’t wait to watch one man become six different characters playing six different styles of music in 6 Guitars. And it’ll be neat to hear Chase Padgett talk about how he created the show in the post-show talk.


From Christina Nicoll, Development Director:

I am really looking forward to seeing the great selection of dance performances we have in the line-up this season, especially O Vertigo and Sleeping Beauty. I discovered last season that I really enjoyed the dance performances.


From Valerie Hillier, Director of Programming:

Darlene Love may not be a household name but you have definitely heard her voice. Before heading out on her own, Darlene Love sang background vocals for Tom Jones, the Righteous Brothers, Marvin Gaye and Elvis Presley to name just a few.  I had the great pleasure of seeing Darlene Love perform in New York City last year. Darlene lays every ounce of herself out on stage and with a career that has spanned four decades now and I see no end in sight anytime soon.  A must-see!

Listening to Woody Holler and his Orchestra feels like a warm blanket wrapped around me, reminding me of so much of the music I heard growing up. My father played a lot of Hank Snow, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers – a style of music that Woody Holler truly embodies in his own original music.


From Alexandra Davis, Communications Director:

There are a couple of musical performances this season that I’m especially excited to see – one is actually the first show in our Spotlight Series, Whitehorse. This is a husband-wife duo that creates a full-band sound using a really innovative live looping technique on stage. I can’t wait to see them perform, plus their songs are so catchy.

I’m also looking forward to Lemon Bucket Orkestra, a 16-member world-music group based in Toronto. It’s going to be so cool to see this huge band up on the Playhouse stage. They have an insane amount of energy, along with a really impressive ability to incorporate pretty much every genre imaginable in their music. Plus, they describe themselves as a balkan-klezmer-gypsy-party-punk-superband, so you know this is going to be a fun night!


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