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Dance to express! Not to impress!

by on April 12, 2013

30_BboyizmIn a movement to empower people worldwide to express themselves, Bboyizm has taken the dance world by storm. With extraordinary street dance moves and heavy beats, the troupe performs with amazing creativity, always emanating their motto: Dance to express! Not to impress! Bboyizm showcases performers Melly Mel, Crazy Smooth, Chilly, and more, each epitomizing this cool form of dancing to a tee. On Friday, April 19 at 7:30pm, see how the urban roots of street dance embrace individualism and social aspects of this modern folk dance, and ultimately translate beautifully to an exciting stage performance.

An artistic piece that transcends age, race and gender, IZM reaches below the surface where emotions live to explore the dance traditions of hip-hop and Bboy culture. Exuding authenticity and a deep understanding of the medium, IZM is an expression of the intricacy and passion of street dancers in their most brilliant and purest form. Whether you are intimately connected to dance or looking to discover something new, IZM will no doubt be an awe-inspiring experience!

Bboyizm is a dance company mandated to promote and preserve the foundation, authenticity and true essence of all street dances. The artistic philosophy of the company is based on the idea that a dancer’s self expression is paramount; our motto being “Dance to express! Not to Impress”. Although this concept is partial to the foundation of the street dances, with the vocabulary of foundation one can create honest poetry. The idea that if one is truly expressing oneself, then it will most definitely be impressive. Bboyizm brings this philosophy to all its services: dance classes, workshops, events, street dance history lessons, shows and performances.

About Crazy Smooth, Artistic Director & Choreographer

Yvon Soglo (B-boy Crazy Smooth) has been dancing for over ten years during which he has come to be one of Canada’s top street dancers. Like many of the world’s street dancers “Smooth” is an autodidact, although his passion and respect for the history of the art form has led him to study with some of New York’s top street dancers including Ken Swift, Brian Green, Shannon (WhichWay Sha), Mr. Wiggles and Breaks kru to name a few. His professional experience has gone from working as an instructor for acrobats from Cirque du Soleil (La Nouba and Tottem Show) to performing at the Nancy Jazz festival in France and winning the Most Valuable B-boy award at the annual Kings of NY Competition in 2006.

He is also the first B-boy to receive a full grant from the Canadian Arts Council to study B-boying and other forms of street dance in New York and also Philadelphia and Orlando in 2005. Smooth has been a main participant in Blueprint for life’s “Connecting with Inuit youth through Hip Hop” social work activity through hip hop projects. Smooth’s ongoing involvement in dance and the dance community in general has also resulted in him being a keynote speaker at the United Nations Youth conference in Edmonton in 2007. His decision to dedicate his life to dance has enriched the community around him and has transformed him into a humbled ambassador for the arts. Founder of Bboyizm Dance Company, Smooth now takes his never-ending mission to elevate and carry on the tradition of street dance culture in the world of performing arts.

Tickets for Bboyizm are available at the Fredericton Playhouse box office 1-866-884-5800, or online at

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