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Sarah’s Joy Jar!

by on March 6, 2013

In addition to the amazing concert experience this Saturday at The Fredericton Playhouse – Sarah Slean has created something special for you called the Joy Jar, and it will make you smile!

We are hereby putting out the call for all the beautiful, positive, inspiring thoughts you can dream up – something short enough to fit on a little index card.  Could be a favourite quote, could be your own hopeful thought about the world at large, or it could simply say, “You are wonderful”…  Sarah will put these little gems on blank index cards. Those coming to the show can also bring their own creations.  All of these shining messages will go in a big jar on the merch table. There will be pencil crayons, markers, etc. beside the jar so that inspired people can create their own beautiful message. And they’ll be photo blogged online at People leaving the show are free to select one and spread the love.

The intent is to pass on a random and empowering/inspiring message to a total stranger. The result? An enormous flowering of good vibes that proves how connected we are, and how tremendously important/powerful every single thought is, and how each single thought can contribute to a tidal wave of positivity and love. Help spread the love by sharing the link ( ) or sending us a submission.

Want to contribute?  There are 3 easy ways!

1 Come to the show and drop off your creation, or make one there.

2. Tweet your picture with a Joy Jar hashtag #joyjar.

3. Lastly email your contribution to


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