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Annex Gallery opening reception for Sophie Levesque and Derek Davidson on April 27th

by on April 17, 2012

Gallery Connexion’s Annex Gallery invites you to the opening reception of Au-delà des apparences by Sophie Levesque and Sketches: Beach and Beat by Derek Davidson on Friday April 27th, 2012 at The Playhouse from 5-6:45pm.

Sophie Levesque’s Au-delà des apparences is a series of acrylic paintings that deal with female self-image, and the question: “what is beauty.” The paintings depict a faceless, non-traditionally beautiful model, in various settings and poses. The paintings are created from Levesque’s interpretation of this woman’s beauty, and a vision as a beholder of beauty.

Derek Davidson compares his art practice to catch and release fishing.

“Each stage involves an interpretation,” Davidson said. “I catch and interpret what I see, and the viewer interprets the released image.”

Sketches: Beach and Beat is a series of painting depicting bodies in motion, in outdoor summer situations.

“This [work] completes a circle of activities in that the action of the sports activity captured with quick gestures approaches that of the en-place painting that captures a moment of people and their activity.”

The Annex Gallery is an initiative between Gallery Connexion and The Fredericton Playhouse to provide a juried exhibition space for Gallery Connexion members. Located at 686 Queen Street, The Playhouse provides a professional venue for the performing arts in Fredericton since 1964.

The Annex Gallery is organized by a Gallery Connexion committee and facilitated by The Fredericton Playhouse.  For more information, contact Candace Wilkins ( or Megan MacKay (506) 454-1433 (


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