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Comic couple Jenny Parsons and Steve Morel will keep you in stitches

by on November 16, 2011

The Fredericton Playhouse will be bursting with laughter on Friday, November 25 when one of Canada’s favourite comedy duos hits the stage with an arsenal of over two decades of their greatest hits. The Funny Ones is the latest live comedy offering from Jenny Parsons and Steve Morel, two professional comedians who have become proficient in the art of being silly together in life and in love.

The Funny Ones is about their real-life relationship; about being a husband and wife while doing comedy for a living, and the comedians who have inspired them along the way: Lucy & Ricky, Burns & Allen, and even Palin & Bush. It’s like stand-up with songs, but WAY cooler.

When Jenny and Steve moved to the countryside four years ago, they met the “raw milk farmer”, the “mushroom guy” and the “couple who grew the garlic.” As professional comedians, and who were new to the area, they soon became known as “the funny ones.” And so a title for their latest touring show was born. The Funny Ones is an umbrella , a catch-all… a farm combine, if you will. It harvests the best bits from over the two decades that Jenny and Steve have been creating crops of silliness together.

The combination of Steve’s musical concoctions and Jenny’s comic fearlessness make for an evening you aren’t soon to forget. What’s more, Jenny performs magic tricks throughout the show that would make most trained magicians sweat! Together, they perform sketches such as Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First routine, but through the eyes of characters Hannibal and Clarice of Silence of the Lambs fame. They title this soon-to-be-classic piece Who Did You Eat First?

The Hamilton View calls their performance “…slick, hysterically funny and not to be missed. Parsons plays the washboard and the cheese grater. Morel plays the guitar and the ukulele. Together, they make your sides hurt from laughing.”

“An utterly captivating and charming performance,” says The Ottawa Citizen, “You will want to follow them home and move in with them.”

Tickets for The Funny Ones are available at the Fredericton Playhouse box office 1-866-884-5800, or online at

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