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Learning to Fly and Monster Costume in Playhouse Annex Gallery October 24th-November 29th

by on October 5, 2011

Gallery Connexion’s Annex Gallery invites you to the opening reception of Learning to Fly by Erica Sullivan and Monster Costume by Maggie Estey at the Playhouse at 686 Queen Street on Monday, October 24th from 5pm to 6:45pm. Both exhibitions run until November 29th, 2011.

Learning to Fly is a series of paintings inspired by time Sullivan spent with a family of barred owls. The series grew to explore themes of meditation, energy points and nature.  It is an exploration of the  calmness found in a walk through the woods– the beautiful, healing effect nature has on the mind. The central focus of the series is a reflection reconnecting the mind to the body.

“Within the subtle language of art there is strength,” Sullivan said.

Monster costume is a drawing series exploring identity, how concepts of social anxiety and the feeling of being ostracized are tied to appearance, and how the rules change in various contexts– especially in the electronic social networking age. Estey “stole” pictures from the social networking website Facebook to use in this project. She acknowledges that the taking of the photographs she used for the series may not have been premeditated on the part of the subjects.

“At the very least the subject has allowed the tag to stand, and for the photo to be attached to their name,” Estey said. “Complicity implies intention, and so, as a person puts on a costume and goes out in public, so have these people intentionally presented themselves not looking like themselves.”

Estey plays up the weirdness of the images by using borderline garish colours in the arguably crude medium of Sharpie marker, and by adding elements such as tribal type markings to the faces and bodies of the people.

The Annex Gallery is an initiative between Gallery Connexion and the Fredericton Playhouse to provide a juried exhibition space for Gallery Connexion members and for the Playhouse to include programmed exhibitions in its galleries.


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