Dancing on the edge with 605 Collective

On Wednesday, April 27 at 8pm, the Spotlight Dance Series is proud to present a new collaborative work by 605 Collective, a group of Vancouver’s best urban and contemporary dance artists. In AUDIBLE, five rambunctious performers jump, dive and collide to create a rough-and-tumble dance, transforming today’s hyper communication into a highly athletic contact sport. With the increasingly electronic social culture, AUDIBLE explores and exaggerates the overwhelming and often abrasive changes to how we choose, or are now forced, to connect.

Building on such ideas as data-addiction, life-casting, “friend-ing” and online voyeurism, the dancers escape the vulnerability of face-to-face interactions, then carelessly hurl themselves through space, spinning out of both reality and control. With the collective’s unique integration of forms comes a raw and energetic dance that investigates a replacement of social skills, the dislocation from immediate surroundings, and the craving for all that is left behind.

The group first formed in 2006 out of a small live/work studio, apartment #605, located in East Vancouver. These young artists began training each other, sharing their experience, and colliding ideas and information from their various dance backgrounds to create a unified voice and establish a unique style that represented each of them. With the group’s extreme versatility the collective began experimenting and creating by using one another as the canvas for their ideas and visions. Through a constant collaboration, the collective members continue pushing past their individual limitations, moving towards new possibilities. Their athletic, fast-paced and playful movement has attracted hip-hop fans, families with children, classical dance lovers and the rest of the contemporary arts community alike.

Don’t miss your chance to join 605 Collective in a master class workshop at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre on Tuesday, April 26 at 6:30pm. This class offers a rare opportunity to learn from the techniques and styles found in both contemporary dance and hip-hop. The workshop, which is open to ages 14 and up, will teach participants how to carry out raw, athletic movements while maintaining raw and powerful execution. The workshop fee is $20 ($10 for Spotlight members) and registration is required by contacting the Education and Outreach Director at 459-6212 or amani@theplayhouse.ca.

Tickets for 605 Collective: Audible are available at the Fredericton Playhouse box office 1-866-884-5800, or online at www.theplayhouse.ca.

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