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New East End Parking Garage Opens to the Public on March 28

by on March 24, 2011

The main part of the City of Fredericton’s new East End Parking Garage will open to the public on March 28.

“This new parking facility is an important part of the east end development project that will serve the new Fredericton Conference Centre and office building as well as a new hotel to be constructed on the site in the future,” said Mayor Brad Woodside. “It will also offer the public a convenient place to park while attending shows at The Playhouse or shopping downtown.”

When the garage opens, 458 of the 529 total number of spaces will be available for public parking. The 71 spaces under the Convention Centre still need some last-minute touch-ups, including line-painting, before they are put into service and the 67 spaces under the office complex set aside for lease to the Provincial Government will not be available until construction of the building is completed later this year.

“This new facility was designed with our long-term parking strategy in mind and fits in with our goal to become a more sustainable city,” said Councillor Bruce Grandy, Chair of the City’s Transportation Committee. “This will resolve parking availability issues for businesses in the area and we will continue to monitor traffic patterns to ensure a smooth flow of traffic around this major new development complex.”

The seven-storey parking structure, built at a cost of $11-million, will allow customers to access the conference centre, The Playhouse, and eventually the office complex without having to venture outdoors. Spaces in the upper levels will be available to monthly pass holders, freeing up the lower spaces for the public. There are nine spaces reserved for persons with disabilities on the ground floor of the garage and four more under the convention centre. There will no other reserved parking in the garage. An elevator has also been installed to ensure accessibility to all.

There are entrances and exits to the parking garage on King Street and on Queen Street. First-time users of the facility are urged to exercise caution and follow the direction signs when entering and leaving. Traffic circulation in the garage is different than in the City’s other garages. Traffic moves in counter-clockwise fashion and drivers have to stay left when going up or down the levels.

“The key is to drive slowly and take the time to read the signs and in no time, you will be very comfortable going in and out of the facility,” said City of Fredericton Parking Services Manager Janice Legace. “It is very easy to use. You just find a parking spot and pay for it immediately upon arrival at one of the self-serve pay stations.”

There will be no charge to use the East End Parking Garage during the April 2-3 weekend when the City holds public tours of Fredericton Conference Centre.

Paid parking will be in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the new East End Garage. All other City parking facilities and on-street meters only charge from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Rates at the East End garage will be $1 per hour, $5 for six hours, $10 for 12 hours or $15 for 24 hours. Monthly leases are also available at $95/month for the basic 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday. A 24/7 permit is available for $105/month. To sign up for a parking permit, or for additional information, call (506) 460-2015 or visit

Things to Know About the East End Garage

1. There are entrances/exits on both Queen and King Streets.

2. The garage is one-way only and travel lanes are wide enough to accommodate one car width only.

3. Travel direction is counter-clockwise at all times, exactly the opposite of normal travel. This will take some getting used to.

4. Drive on the left hand side of the ramp when you go up or down to the other levels of the garage.

5. If you see a sign that reads “wrong way,” stop and turn around.

6. Do not take a “short cut” and go the wrong way – you are certain to encounter a vehicle going the right way and you could cause an accident.

7. Some spaces are best backed into. If you can, please do.

8. If you pay by the day, check the rates, as they go down with number of hours purchased.

9. The best discount is the monthly permit.

10. There are 7 pay stations in this complex:

  • 3 on Level 1 (King St. wall, Queen St. entrance, by the Customer Service office)
  • 1 on Level 0 (by the main vestibule stairs)
  • 1 under the Convention Centre (by the elevator)
  • 1 by the Camperdown entrance to the Convention Centre – outside the garage’s main vestibule
  • 1 inside the Convention Centre on the way to the Playhouse

All machines are interconnected so you can pay or top up using any one of these machines.

11. There are 12 spaces on the ground level which are designated two-hour maximum to promote shopping or appointments in the immediate area.

12. Monthly permit parking is allowed on Levels 3, 4, 5 and Level 6. The space numbers are 2254 – 2529. Please note: there is no overnight parking on the rooftop – Level 6.

13. This garage will be busy throughout the day with traffic and people walking to and from their vehicles. DRIVE SLOWLY!


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