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Holy Cow! Look what’s coming to the Playhouse!

by on March 22, 2011

Henrietta Alformi is in a tizzy because someone has stolen her stuffed teddy bear and she cannot sleep anymore! The famous detectives Tom and Bob quickly get down to business; the case is quite mysterious, one must admit. No one is able to get to sleep since the city has been invaded by stuffed-toy alarm clocks. After a crazy hullabaloo involving a cow disguised as a bee then a ballerina, Tom and Bob get their hands on Theodore Snare, a notorious insomniac, diabolical inventor, and stuffed-toy thief. But a revelation by Henrietta calls into question the following: to whom does this teddy bear really belong? It all goes down at The Fredericton Playhouse on Sunday, April 3 at 3pm

Holy Cow! is a “cow”mical show which deals with serious issues: managing conflict, negotiation, the meaning of ownership, and questions without clear answers. However, with artful storytelling skill, playwright and Argentinean puppeteer, Javier Swedzky, has chosen a joyous approach which is exuberant and colourful. With a set in the form of a fairground stall, which can be transformed at will, the actors and puppets, giant or tiny, try to outwit each other as they act, sing, and dance their way through this zany yet tender story. Inspired as much by comic strips as the circus or musicals, Holy Cow! is an outrageous and endearing comedy.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Tickets for Holy Cow! are available at the Fredericton Playhouse box office 1-866-884-5800, or online at

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