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Soak up the sibling harmonies of Sons of Maxwell

by on February 23, 2011

With an impressive discography and performance resume, including several industry awards and nominations, it can definitely be said that Halifax-based Sons of Maxwell have come a long way from Northern Ontario. The brothers began singing together while attending university and began a full-time music career soon after graduation. Don and Dave Carroll have done prolific work in a relatively short time and have developed a large, dedicated fan base. They have released several well-received, all-original albums, music videos, toured extensively both nationally and abroad and, on Saturday, March 5 at 8pm, will play to an eager Playhouse audience.

The strength of the duo is built upon its diversity. Don and Dave are true entertainers. That fact is what sets them apart and has made them so popular with such a broad spectrum of people. More than once it has been said “these guys do it all.” Their musical performance is always evocative, and their onstage sibling interplay is disarmingly warm, alluring, and often downright hilarious! Dave writes songs that bring laughter and tears to the audience. The brothers (along with a talented back-up band) deliver Dave’s powerful and thought-provoking lyrics in an interesting blend of musical styles best described as pop/folk. Ever present are their unique, brilliant vocal styles, and harmonies for which they are well known.

From concert halls to corporate shows, Sons of Maxwell are continually a hit with audiences of all ages. They have played venues across Canada, including music halls and listening rooms, with extensive shows in Atlantic and Western Canada, and of late, have been making more appearances in the US (Maine, Nebraska and most recently, at the Milwaukee Irish Festival in August 2009). They have toured China, given exclusive performances on Carnival Cruise, performed in the Dominican Republic, and completed three tours in Germany. The outstanding audience response and rave reviews speak for themselves.

Patrons are invited to join Don and Dave Caroll after the show on March 5 for the next installment of our In Conversation Series post-show talks at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.  Hosted by Mark Roberts, of the East Coast Music Show on Capital FM, this forum gives fans the opportunity to talk with the Caroll brothers about their inspiration, awards, and accolades.

Not only are Don and Dave great musical entertainers, but they’ve shared their story of United Airlines breaking Dave’s guitar with the likes of CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, and have shared a spot on the couch with the women of ABC’s The View. Tickets for the post-show talk, available through the Fredericton Playhouse box office in limited number, are complimentary and include a free glass of wine.

Tickets for Sons of Maxwell are available at the Fredericton Playhouse box office 1-866-884-5800, or online at

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