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The Arcalogs: Backgrounds and Landscapes by Dana O’Regan Opening in Annex Gallery

by on January 24, 2011

On February 2, Gallery Connexion’s Annex Gallery reveals The Arcalogs: Backgrounds and Landscapes a new exhibition by Dana O’Regan. The Annex Gallery is located in the Playhouse at 686 Queen St.. Please join us for an opening reception Wednesday, Februay 2 at 5 p.m. The exhibition will run until March 14, 2011.

The Arcalogs is a new, ongoing body of work by O’Regan, a self-taught expressionist painter. O’Regan was born in Ottawa and spent most of his life in New Brunswick, including much time in at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, studying English, History, and Classics. He has been painting for the last decade.

“My art is inspired by my innermost experiences and interactions in this world, and visions of a fictional world I have created,” O’Regan says. “My paintings become the interface between those worlds.”

He says that while painting he is moved to write about his created world, and that the writing part of his process also influences the direction of his painting. It is this relationship between painting and writing, O’Regan says, that he explores in The Arcalogs.

The Arcalogs are meta-textual accounts, in the form of paintings, journals, poems and historical records, from the perspective of invented characters,” O’Regan says. The three characters are a painter named Von Murk, a poet amed Von Heinvin, and the Editor Escapee. The Arcalogs: Backgrounds and Landscapes are inspired by historical texts, from the perspective of the Editor Escapee, that frame the background and setting of the Arcalogs.

The Annex Gallery is an initiative between Gallery Connexion and the Fredericton Playhouse to provide a juried exhibition space for Gallery Connexion members and for the Playhouse to include programmed exhibitions in its galleries.

The Annex Gallery is organized by a Gallery Connexion committee and facilitated by the Fredericton Playhouse.  For more information, contact Maggie Estey at


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