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New Exhibition at the Annex Gallery opens June 2

by on June 2, 2010

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2 – Gallery Connexion opens a new exhibition at the Annex Gallery in the Fredericton Playhouse from 5 to 7pm. 

 Tell Me Where You’ve Been and What You’ve Done is a series of drawings on paper using mixed media.  Meredith begins the drawings by putting India ink on wet paper to create the illusion of place or atmosphere.  Watercolor, chalk pastel, conté and charcoal are all tools she uses to draw objects within the inky landscape.  The exhibition references travel, shared experiences through images, and the history of objects.

Meredith Snider graduated from Concordia University in 2005 with a Fine Arts Degree and a Specialization in Art Education.  After traveling through Mexico and Central America for 6 months, she returned to Fredericton in 2006 and was employed as the Executive Director of Gallery Connexion, where she continues to work.

Vinylika Experimental is a series of large-scale designs made using recycled vinyl records by artist Hector Javier Tovar Gonzalez.  Hector immigrated to Canada from Mexico seven years ago and is currently enrolled in the Communication and Design program at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.  Hector enjoys experimenting with found and salvaged materials.  Part of his inspiration for using vinyl records comes from his passion for music and the goal to combine music and visual art.  Each piece is titled after the song or artist depicted on the record in the center of the design.  Hector is beginning to experiment further with vinyl material by moving into three-dimensional designs on panels.  If you have records that you are no longer listening to, bring them to the opening reception on June 2 and Hector will gladly make use of them.

The exhibit will be held at the Annex Gallery located in The Playhouse, 686 Queen St. Fredericton. It runs from June 2nd to June 30th. The Annex Gallery promises to offer its visitors a visually captivating art experience. Admission is free.


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