City Awards $75,000 in Arts Culture and Heritage Grants to 22 Groups

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Through the City of Fredericton’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Grants Program, $75,000 in grants have been awarded to 22 non-profit arts, heritage and cultural organizations.

The selected proposals range from theatrical projects like Shakespeare’s Macbeth, to be staged in Odell Park, and a ‘Music of the World’ series, to be presented during the NB Summer Music Festival which explores world folk and traditional music.

The grants were awarded through a jury process, based on set criteria.  Eligible organizations were invited to apply for assistance of up to $5,000 for multi-day festivals, major events or series in relation to the arts, culture or heritage, and up to $2,000 for other projects. 

The funding program is open to non-profit organizations, whose primary purpose is related to the arts, culture or heritage.  In addition to stimulating appreciation of the arts or heritage and improving financial stability, successful projects are expected to build community support, develop wider audiences or attract visitors, and contribute in terms of artistic, heritage, cultural achievement or skills development.

Following is a list of recipients with a brief description of their upcoming projects:

Associates of Provincial Archives of NB (Life in Fredericton 1860-70 Exhibit), $1,500

The Associates of the Provincial Archives will develop and present an exhibition titled “Life in Fredericton 1860-70”. The exhibit will be organized around the “stories” of a selection of prominent people and ordinary families from the military, government, university and business community whose lives and activities reflected Fredericton during this period. The social culture of the era will be displayed through a selection of photographs, drawings, books, illustrations, maps, speakers and other historical documentary evidence.

Celtic Discovery Performing Troupe NB (Celtic Energy Weekend), $2,000

The Celtic Discovery Performing Troupe is a group of young musicians and dancers from the Fredericton area. Together they share their love for performing while celebrating and fostering the strong Celtic culture that continues to hold strong in the Maritimes. Celtic Energy Weekend, June 17 – 19, will provide a cultural and educational experience through workshops and performances for Celtic musicians and dancers of all ages and abilities.

Dance Fredericton (The Nutcracker), $5,000

Dance Fredericton continues the creation and presentation of the renowned Christmastime fairy tale ballet, The Nutcracker, which has delighted audiences worldwide. This year, Dance Fredericton continues to grow the project into a full ballet production so that Fredericton will have its own annual ballet. This year’s performance moves to the Playhouse with increased costumes and sets.

Fredericton Arts & Learning (Workshop Series & Outreach), $5,000

Fredericton Arts & Learning has a history of seven years of providing successful outreach programming in the form of innovative and rich arts-based workshops. This year, they will undertake new projects including a partnership with the Fredericton Native Friendship Centre during Aboriginal Day Celebrations.

Fredericton Arts Alliance (Artist-in-Residence Summer Series), $5,000

This summer, Fredericton Arts Alliance will launch a new revitalized series of Artists-in-Residence based on its successes since 2002. Due to the temporary closure of the Casemates in the Soldier’s Barracks, the Artists-in-Residence series will reinvent itself this summer in a new location at the York Sunbury Museum.

Fredericton Heritage Trust (Living Heritage: A DVD), $1,800

Fredericton Heritage Trust will produce a DVD presenting all of the historic sites described on the audio walking tours produced by Fredericton Heritage as part of the 2009 Cultural Capitals of Canada program. This professionally mastered DVD will present visual and narrative components, creating an important cultural product for tourists and for the citizens of Fredericton.

Fredericton Playhouse (Bricklin – Production of Summer 2010), $4,000

The Fredericton Playhouse will produce the world premiere of ‘Bricklin’, which is also the first collaborated effort of both the Playhouse and Theatre New Brunswick. Together, they are producing a summer musical theatre event showcasing an international story that put New Brunswick in the forefront of headline news all over the world. Bricklin explores the story of one man’s impossible dream; the trials and tribulations of Malcolm Bricklin and the making of the Bricklin automobile in New Brunswick during the mid ‘70s.

Fredericton Playhouse (Arts for Everyone), $2,000

Arts for Everyone includes several different initiatives to encourage and support community accessibility to diverse artistic expression.  Through the Education and Outreach Program, the Playhouse provides opportunities for disadvantaged and marginalized audiences to experience the performing arts.

Gallery Connexion (Surgery Series, Musical Series), $5,000

Gallery Connexion is working with several other arts organizations and members in the community to develop a series of contemporary and experimental musical performances called The Surgery Series. This series will take place throughout the year in Gallery Connexion’s new space on York Street. Through this project, the Gallery will present contemporary and experimental visual art practises, including performances, literary arts, musical arts and interdisciplinary work from other areas of the country and abroad.

Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival (20th Anniversary Jazz Orchestra – Harvest 2010), $5,000

2010 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival to be held Sept 14 – 19. A centrepiece of the celebrations will include the creation of an all-star Jazz Orchestra “The Harvest 20-0”.  Touted as the first of its kind in New Brunswick, the orchestra will be composed entirely of New Brunswick-born artists and current residents and will play in a variety of formats on a variety of stages, performing its own compositions and those of Canadian jazz greats.

Motion Ensemble (Concerts & Workshops), $1,000

Motion Ensemble will present a series of concerts and workshops throughout 2010-11.  The Ensemble is a professional group of classical musicians with a mandate to bring NB and international composers’ new work to audiences in Fredericton.  Concerts are taped and broadcast weekly on CHSR Radio.

NB Crafts Council (Summer Shapes Workshop Series), $4,200

Fredericton’s community of fine craft artisans and educational institutions is thriving and the New Brunswick Crafts Council seeks to further advance the knowledge and appreciation of fine craft through the ‘Summer Shapes’ Workshop Series.  The Council will establish a downtown retail and demonstration site in the York Sunbury Museum where they will present public demonstrations of process and production by professional fine craft artisans. They will also present weekly workshops in various craft mediums, with something for art enthusiasts of all ages.

NB Crafts Council (Live 30th Anniversary Incorporation Commission), $2,000

Each year, over the course of Labour Day weekend, Officers Square is home to the New Brunswick Craft Festival. In celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of incorporation, the New Brunswick Crafts Council will commission the creation of a work of fine craft for the Council’s permanent collection. Over the course of the weekend, festival patrons can watch as three fine craft artists collaborate to create an innovative object, based on the theme of Incorporation. The finished piece will be on display at the Charlotte Street Arts Center after the festival.

NB Filmmakers’ Co-op (Silver Wave Film Festival), $4,500

The 2010 Silver Wave Film Festival will take place November 4 – 7. In its tenth year, the festival will once again celebrate and promote the work of New Brunswick film makers. It will showcase films from Fredericton, New Brunswick and beyond with 20 screening events encompassing drama, documentary, animation and experimental films and videos.

NB Highland Games Festival (Scottish & Celtic Cultural Workshops, Performances and Displays), $4,000

The New Brunswick Highland Games Festival presents Scottish and Celtic culture through cultural workshops, display booths, and a variety of music and dance performances. The festival, to be held July 23-25, is an event that invites everyone to explore Scottish culture and heritage.

NB Summer Music Festival (Music Discovery Series: Music of the World), $5,000

During its seventeenth  year, the New Brunswick Summer Music Festival, August 17 – 25, will launch a new music discovery series.  ‘Music of the World’ Series will capitalize on the diverse multicultural community by exploring world folk and traditional music as a complement to their main series concerts.

Notable Acts Theatre Festival (Production of Demolitics), $4,000

This year, Notable Acts Theatre Company, July 21 – August 21 will showcase the world premiere of ‘Demolitics’ by Fredericton Playwright Ryan Griffith.  ‘Demolitics’ is a rare story about sensitive issues current in New Brunswick politics. The play squarely takes on the political culture of the province offering a stark, funny, and refreshingly candid assessment of its strengths and weaknesses. 

Symphony New Brunswick (Children’s Interactive Performance Series), $2,000

SNB will present a series of educational and interactive musical performances to children ages 2-10 at the Fredericton Public Library. The free performances, beginning in the fall and continuing into spring, will feature professional string musicians from the orchestra and will provide an opportunity for children to learn and participate.

Theatre UNB (Bard in the Barracks: Macbeth in Odell Park), $4,000

Bard in the Barracks plans to build on last year’s success by returning to Odell Park with the production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which runs June 23 – July 3. It is the goal of Bard in the Barracks to take small but steady steps to produce a more polished and professional production every year. This year, more cast members will be hired on and more costuming and props will be purchased to create a high end and absolutely unforgettable outdoor theatre experience.

Theatre NB (Theatre School Sr, Musical Theatre Program), $4,000

Theatre New Brunswick Theatre School provides instruction to youth in the core disciplines of acting, voice and movement, culminating in the ever popular musical theatre performance. This year’s presentation was the much loved story of ‘Annie’, a young orphan on a journey to find her long-lost parents in the 1930’s.

Theatre NB (TNB Main Stage Production: Skin Flick), $2,000

Theatre New Brunswick’s presentation of ‘Skin Flick’ by beloved playwright Norm Foster demonstrated a commitment to developing local talent by featuring an all-Fredericton creative team.

York – Sunbury Historical Society (In Close Quarters Series – History of the Garrison District and Downtown Fredericton), $2,000

Founded in 1932, The York Sunbury Historical Society specializes in the collection, storage and display of important NB historical objects, artefacts and records. In 2010, the YSM will launch ‘In Close Quarters Series’ which will be developed and displayed over the next few years.  Through a series of vignette panels the exhibition will draw particular attention to the significance of the Garrison District, exploring Fredericton’s history while highlighting the often tumultuous relationships of a 19th century military-civilian community.

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