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TNB Presents Norm Foster’s Skin Flick

by on March 22, 2010

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In the midst of an economic downturn, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to make some extra cash? Norm Foster’s Skin Flick follows a ‘regular’, middle-aged couple as they try to navigate the tough economic climate, despite having lost their jobs. Frustrated, they stumble upon the idea of producing a skin flick to make ends meet. Like fish out of water and deer in headlights, these lovable characters will keep you in stitches.

Running March 25–28 at the Fredericton Playhouse, Skin Flick stars Fredericton actor Wally MacKinnon as Rollie, a charming, jolly man who acts as an omnipotent narrator with asides about the art of writing and the playwright himself, and Sharon Bernbaum as his wife Daphne.

Rounding out a stellar cast are Melissa-Jane Shaw as Jill, a down-on-her-luck actress, Amos Crawley as Byron, a shy bookie, and Sam Owen as Alex, a recently fired cameraman. This crew of off-beat characters delivers a hearty helping of laughs, along with a few creative ideas beyond what your financial advisor might suggest.

“Any liberty I’ve taken as a director has only aimed at playing with your imagination; showing you as much as possible without really showing you anything at all,” said Artistic Producer and Director Caleb Marshall. “It will all be in your head… well, mostly… and that makes it funny and sexy.”

Continues Marshall, “You might find it hard to believe, but this play springs very much from real life. Not only that, but I have to point out that it feels like Fredericton; a regular, middle-aged couple in an old home, struggling to get by with a kid in university… sound familiar?”

Joining Director Caleb Marshall on the creative team is New Brunswick’s nationally recognized Set and Costume Designer Patrick Clark; Resident Sound Designer and Composer, and multiple East Coast Music Association award winner, Michael Doherty; and creative Lighting Designer Jeff Fevens.

In Opening Act Bad Water by M. Anne Mitton, an Irish family, separated by famine, struggle to reunite by immigrating to New Brunswick – only to find more strife in quarantine on Partridge Island. This is the second installment from TNB New Voices, this season’s new initiative to bring ‘true’ New Brunswick stories to the stage.

Skin Flick with Opening Act Bad Water runs Thursday, March 25 – Saturday, March 27 at 8PM, and Sunday, March 28 at 2PM at the Fredericton Playhouse.

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