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Everett Album Review- Thom Swift “Blue Sky Day” – Feels Good

by on March 16, 2010

Upon first listen of Thom Swift’s new album Blue Sky Day it is hard not to long for summer camp fires and a crowd of close friends. The overwhelming warmth that is felt throughout this entire album is undeniable from start to finish. This will be one of the Maritimes classic albums for years to come and will surely garner numerous awards.

The wide array of tempos and song structures are fascinating on “Blue Sky Day” Swift channels everything from a Bruce Springsteen-esq “Stand Tall” to happy ragtime folk song “Harmony” which makes every next track a surprise. The song that really stuck with me after listening to “Blue Sky Day” was “No Depression in Heaven” this is a beautiful song that strikes at the heart of anyone who has lost a close family member or friend. Swift forces the listener to experience 100% of their emotions on this album and it has many songs that are begging for tribute photo montages. Another highlight of “Blue Sky Day” is the track “El Camino” any artist that includes the classic General Motors truck/car reference has their hands full and this is a great summer cruising song that any hot rod enthusiast would enjoy.

The vocal efforts that Swift displays on this new recording are some that have not been showcased on past solo albums or with previous groups. Swift certainly steps into a new exciting realm of music but with enough old flavour that no old fan will feel alienated. With the wealth of performers and the sheer number of albums that come out over the course of a year it is easy to over look another local effort but any one that does not hear “Blue Sky Day” will be missing out. This is one of the best albums produced in Canada in the last five years.

Proud to say Thom Swift is from the East Coast.

Check out more Thom Swift and listen to tracks of “Blue Sky Day” here




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