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Annex Gallery: “Discovery” & “Caught In The Peripheral”

by on March 15, 2010

DISCOVERY – By MULTIPLE EXPOSURES, a group of 3rd year NBCCD photography students & CAUGHT IN THE PERIPHERAL – By Marie Fox, curated by WhiteFeather

On March 9, Gallery Connexion’s Annex Gallery reveals two new exhibitions by Multiple Exposures and Marie Fox.  The exhibition by 3rd year NBCCD photography student group Multiple Exposures titled “Discovery” displays a series of unique photographs. The exhibition by painter Marie Fox titled ‘Caught in the Peripheral’ and curated by WhiteFeather comprises of a series of model paintings. Both exhibitions open at the Annex Gallery located in the Playhouse at 686 Queen Street on Tuesday, March 9th at 5pm.  Please join us for an opening reception. The exhibitions will run from March 3 until the 28th, 2010. Admission is free. 

Multiple Exposures, consisting of graduating 3rd year photography students from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, will be showing their work titled ‘Discovery’. The group picked the title because they will soon be finishing school and entering into the ‘real’ world and are now discovering new things about their work and themselves. So come along and see which ‘Discovery’ they have each found!

‘Caught in the Peripheral’ is a curated solo exhibition of paintings by Charlottetown artist Marie Fox. Fox says of her work, “My approach to painting is a thoroughly ritualistic process, an obsessive decoding and reassembling of visionary experience. In this series, I have photographed each model individually, to use as a physical embodiment of an archetype. Her face is wiped clean of make-up or personal identity, and she is given organic props such as antlers, branches, or feathers. In an instinctive moment of powerful vulnerability, the model transcends herself and becomes the link between memory and image. Artist Marie Fox is a mainly self-taught painter living and practicing her art in Charlottetown, PEI. Curator WhiteFeather is an award winning artist, educator, arts administrator, advocate and writer based in Fredericton. This is Marie’s second solo exhibition curated by WhiteFeather, and this is WhiteFeather’s fourth curatorial project.

The Annex Gallery is an initiative between Gallery Connexion and the Fredericton Playhouse to provide a juried exhibition space for Gallery Connexion members and for the Playhouse to include programmed exhibitions in its galleries. 

The Annex Gallery is organized by a Gallery Connexion committee and facilitated by the Fredericton Playhouse.  For more information, contact Rita Sassani at

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