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Experience More! at the Fredericton Playhouse this season


The Fredericton Playhouse is thrilled to once again present an exciting Spotlight Series lineup in 2016-2017, consisting of 31 world-class performances in music, dance and theatre, covering a wide range of different genres. In addition to these shows, the Playhouse also offers the Experience More! program, a series of innovative workshops and activities designed to enrich your experience. This year, we are delighted to offer 16 Experience More! events over the course of the season.

There will be a number of opportunities to get up close and personal with Spotlight Series performers. Join us for A Conversation with Joe Laughlin, following Joe Ink’s performance; A Conversation with Gavin Crawford after “FRIEND” “LIKE” #ME; A Conversation with Emily Molnar to follow Ballet BC’s performance; and A Conversation with Julia Mackey after Jake’s Gift.

For more interactive opportunities with artists, you’ll want to check out a Digital Graffiti Wall, allowing participants to write a message, draw a picture or leave a symbol using infrared technology – this wall will then be incorporated into Out Innerspace’s dance performance. You can also join us during Frostival for a Public Skate with Le Patin Libre, a group of high-level figure skaters who perform contemporary dance on ice.

Continuing with the skating theme, members of Fredericton’s roller derby team will provide a Pre-Show Derby Demo for audience members prior to Roller Derby Saved My Soul.

Dancers of various skill levels are invited to participate in several workshops. Everyone is invited to a Move It! Dance Workshop, offered in association with Joe Ink’s performance; a Bollywood Dance Workshop associated with Roots: A Journey Through India; and Cape Breton Step Dancing for Beginners, led by members of Còig. For more experienced dancers, there’s a Ballet Masterclass, led by a professional company member with Ballet BC.

Foodies and wine lovers can look forward to a few events this season, including a Traditional Newfoundland Dinner, taking place prior to The Once’s performance. We will also offer a Wines of Spain Tasting before Las Migas’ show, and a Wine Tasting and Artist Talk with Rémi Bolduc before Swingin’ with Oscar.

Finally, the musically inclined won’t want to miss a Hank Williams Open Mic, offered in association with Hank Williams Live 1952, as well as a Songwriters Workshop with Stephen Fearing.

Many Experience More! activities are offered free of charge, while others have a nominal registration fee. Please note that some programs may require pre-registration, and venues vary.

For more information on the Experience More! program, and for a complete listing of activities and events, please visit

Peter Pacey a Shining Example of Using the Arts to Build People, Community


Peter Pacey (Photo: Ryan O’Toole)

Fredericton’s vibrant performing arts scene wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of dedicated individuals focused on fostering the arts. That’s why we at the Fredericton Playhouse introduced The Playhouse Honours a number of years ago, a program intended to recognize the work of Frederictonians whose work in the performing arts has had a profound impact on our community.

Just last month, we were thrilled to announce that the recipient of The Playhouse Honours for 2016 is actor, director, writer and producer Peter Pacey. Best known for his work with the Calithumpians Theatre Company over the past 35 years, Mr. Pacey exemplifies a high level of commitment to the arts that is certainly worthy of recognition.

Established in 2008, The Playhouse Honours is given annually to an individual selected by the Fredericton Playhouse Board of Directors. This program recognizes an individual’s involvement in the performing arts in Fredericton, fostering a deeper appreciation of the value that people can bring to community life through their work in music, theatre, dance, spoken word and multidisciplinary performing arts.

The Playhouse Honours is our way of thanking community leaders who have contributed significantly to our city through the arts. It’s a celebration for an individual, and for the community members who have been meaningfully affected by the recipient’s work.

Over the years, we have been pleased to recognize just a few of the many people who contribute to our city’s thriving arts scene, including string performers and teachers Hrvoje and Aida Tisler; musician, composer, sound designer, producer and musical director Michael Doherty; dance educator and mentor Bonnie Kilburn; singer and voice teacher Mabel Doak; actor, director, playwright and artistic director Walter Learning; educator and theatre troupe founder Philip Sexsmith; music director Brent Staeben; and actor, director, playwright, producer and educator Ilkay Silk.

We’re excited to add Mr. Pacey to this illustrious list. One of the most recognized theatre personalities in Fredericton, he has performed professionally at the National Arts Center, Theatre New Brunswick and Neptune Theatre. He is often called upon to perform as Lord Beaverbrook or Bull of the Woods for special events and conferences. Through his work with the Calithumpians, Mr. Pacey has given the gift of free, live theatre and historic walking tours to more than 400,000 locals and tourists.

Like many of The Playhouse Honours recipients, his work has impacted the lives of hundreds of youths, challenging young performers to combine history and culture with comedy and exuberance to develop Theatre in the Park performances. The troupe can be found all summer long in Officers’ Square, performing for large audiences.

We are always impressed by the range of suggestions we receive each year when we put out the call for nominees. Our board members face a difficult decision when they meet to select the recipient of The Playhouse Honours, as there are so many individuals in our city who dedicate their time and energy to the performing arts.

This high level of involvement in the arts is a clear sign of a healthy community, and it benefits all of us. A survey called Arts and Heritage in Canada conducted by the Department of Canadian Heritage in 2012 found that 91 per cent of respondents believe arts and cultural activities in a community make it a better place to live, and our strong arts scene is certainly one of the many things that makes Fredericton so special.

That’s why it’s so important that we continue to recognize those who improve our community through the arts and culture sector with programs such as The Playhouse Honours. As these recipients pass a love of the performing arts on to a new generation, our arts scene and the quality of life of our community will only continue to expand and improve.

Tim Yerxa is the Executive Director of the Fredericton Playhouse.



Volunteers Contribute Time, Talent, and Energy to the Fredericton Playhouse

IMG_7346As a non-profit organization, the Fredericton Playhouse relies on a group of dedicated volunteers who make it possible for us to deliver performing arts programs to our community.

Anyone who has attended a Playhouse performance has interacted with our volunteers. They are the people who greet you when you enter, check your coat, take your ticket and guide you to your seat. With more than 4,500 hours contributed each year, volunteers play a huge role in enhancing our patrons’ experience throughout their visit to the Playhouse.

Our volunteers are trained regularly on our emergency procedures, and play an integral part in the event of a power outage or evacuation. They also sometimes help out in different capacities, pouring wine, stuffing envelopes and assisting staff at off-site events.

We currently have a team of more than 70 volunteers and we’re always working to develop and expand this program by engaging in active recruitment throughout the year. We place a very high value on these community-minded individuals, who are committed to our mission of providing enriching live performance experiences.

We place an emphasis on diversity in our volunteer recruitment, and have added a number of younger volunteers and people of varied cultural backgrounds to our team over the years. We’re proud that 27 per cent of our volunteers are bilingual, allowing us to provide an even higher level of service to our patrons.

In addition to our core group of volunteers, we rely on volunteers to support our organization in other ways – for example, our volunteer board of directors. Our 16 board members play a crucial role in directing the development of Fredericton Playhouse, and in helping us to define and carry out our strategic goals through policy development, governance, and oversight.

We certainly benefit from the efforts of our volunteers, but we like to think our volunteers are positively affected as well. Numerous studies and reports show the benefits of volunteering, both for individuals and for the community.

A 2010 Statistics Canada study titled Volunteering in Canada found that the vast majority of Canadians who volunteer do so because they want to support their community. The study also found that about two-thirds of volunteers benefit from improved interpersonal skills.

Other studies have shown volunteering may have health benefits – a 2007 study by the US-based Corporation for National and Community Service titled The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research, found a strong connection between volunteering and health. The study showed that people who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer.

Volunteering encourages a sense of investment in the community and is a great way for individuals to contribute and make a difference by getting involved in a cause they care about. It’s also a way to meet new people, and acts as a social outlet – those who volunteer regularly form friendships and develop a sense of teamwork with their fellow volunteers. And at the Playhouse, there’s the added bonus of greater access to incredible live performances for our volunteers!

We’re lucky to live in such a generous community, with no shortage of people willing to give their time for a cause they believe in. Many of our local performing arts organizations here in Fredericton are volunteer-based, from the Charlotte Street Arts Centre to the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, just to name a couple. Like the Playhouse, these groups are able to continue to thrive thanks to dedicated volunteers.

Volunteers are an essential component of our operations at the Playhouse, and their time and dedication plays a huge role in creating a vibrant arts scene here in Fredericton.

Tim Yerxa is the Executive Director of the Fredericton Playhouse.



Actor, director, writer and producer Peter Pacey named recipient of The Playhouse Honours 2016

Photo credit: Ryan O'Toole

The Board of Directors of the Fredericton Playhouse is pleased to announce that actor, director, writer and producer Peter Pacey been named the 2016 recipient of The Playhouse Honours.

Pacey is one of the most recognized theatre personalities in Fredericton and has many accomplishments within his field. He has performed professionally at the National Arts Center, Theatre New Brunswick and Neptune Theatre. He is often called upon to perform as Lord Beaverbrook or Bull of the Woods for special events and conferences. Additionally, he has been a volunteer producer of shows at the Fredericton Playhouse, including Big Hearts for the Homeless and the Bob Kenny Concert. But perhaps his greatest contribution to the city of Fredericton is his work with the Calithumpians Theatre Company.

Over the past 35 years, Pacey has shaped the lives of hundreds of young theatre students through his work with the Calithumpians, a treasured tradition in Fredericton. Since its inception in 1979, the Calithumpians have combined education and entertainment to give the gift of free, live theatre and historic walking tours to more than 400,000 locals and tourists.

Under the umbrella of Fredericton Outdoor Summer Theatre, Pacey challenges young performers to combine history and culture with comedy and exuberance in Theatre in the Park performances, resulting in original plays that Calithumpian participants write and perform themselves to large crowds each summer in Officers’ Square. The program also includes Fencibles, providing heritage interpretation activities in Barracks Square.

Wayne Burley, President of the Fredericton Playhouse Board of Directors, says he is pleased to recognize Pacey’s accomplishments. “Peter is extremely dedicated to his hometown, his province and his country,” Burley says. “Through his work with the Calithumpians, he has become a mentor for so many young performers in Fredericton, and has transformed lives through his artistic skill and nurturing confidence. We are proud to name him as the recipient of The Playhouse Honours for 2016.”

Many of the young people who have performed in the Calithumpians have taken that training with them throughout their careers. These alumni read like a who’s who of performers and professionals hailing from our region, including: professional actors Tony LePage, Tania Breen and Natalie Roy; director and actor Caleb Marshall; professional musicians Matt Brennan and Krista Touesnard; comedian Marcel St. Pierre; actor and film director Tim Doiron; and former MLA Kelly Lamrock.

Pacey’s selfless dedication has also been recognized through other honours and awards, such as the Paul Harris Award – the highest award to be presented by Rotary International, and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award, which he received in 2012.

“I am deeply honoured to be counted among those worthies who are feted on the wall of the Playhouse,” Pacey says. “I share this honour with so many people who have aided and abetted the Calithumpians and Fredericton Outdoor Summer Theatre over the years. Of course I’m grateful to my family who encouraged me to take the road less travelled. I think of all the people who helped form the company and nurtured us through the early years in the 1980s and ’90s. I think of our many sponsors and former board members, as well as politicians of all stripes and all levels of government and the many civil servants who also encouraged us.

“I would be remiss if I did not mention all the past and present Calithumpians and Fencibles who have worked so hard to make our shows and programs so popular and professional. I share this honour with all those who have helped make us such a success, not the least of whom are our audiences, who have been our raison d’etre.”

Established in 2008, the Playhouse Honours is given annually to an individual selected by the Fredericton Playhouse Board of Directors. Generously presented by Atlantic Mediaworks, the program recognizes an individual’s involvement in the performing arts in Fredericton, fostering a deeper appreciation of the value that people can bring to community life through their work in music, theatre, dance, spoken word and multidisciplinary performing arts. A permanent display in the west gallery of the Playhouse recognizes the honourees.

Previous recipients of The Playhouse Honours include Ilkay Silk, Brent Staeben, Philip Sexsmith, Walter Learning, Mabel Doak, Bonnie Kilburn, Michael Doherty and Aida & Hrvoje Tisler.

Spotlight Series Suits Every Taste

machineThis month is a very exciting time for the Fredericton Playhouse; earlier in June, we announced our 2016-2017 Spotlight Series, during which 31 of the most exciting artists touring today will grace our stage from September to May.

The Spotlight Series is our flagship program at the Playhouse. It’s the label under which we present professional touring artists and companies performing classical, contemporary and traditional shows in music, theatre and dance. Diversity is the cornerstone of the series as we aim to offer a variety of performances, from large-scale productions to small, intimate shows, providing something to suit every taste.

There are a number of reasons why the Spotlight Series is an important part of what we do at the Playhouse. To begin with, it fills gaps in performing arts offerings in our community. We are the only organization in Fredericton that presents professional touring dance companies, for example, and our dance programming has grown substantially in recent years.

We are continuing to take the Playhouse’s dance offerings to new levels in 2016-2017. This season includes three contemporary dance companies from Vancouver, a Bollywood fusion group from Toronto, and Le Patin Libre, a Montreal-based company that performs high-level, artistic dance on ice, and will give a performance at the Willie O’Ree Centre in February.

The Spotlight Series provides us with opportunities to work with like-minded organizations in our own community. This program wouldn’t be possible without our public-sector funders and our season, media and performance partners. We’re also thrilled to be working with groups such as Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne to present a number of French artists, and with the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival to present blues performer Guy Davis in our Kidstage Series.

This year, we’ve also developed a new partnership with the Association of Indo-Canadians to present a special celebration of Diwali, the Hindu celebration of lights, in October. This event will include an exciting dance performance, as well as workshops, henna art and cultural cuisine, and promises to be both an incredible cultural celebration and an outstanding performing arts event for our community.

Each year, as our team works to make this series happen, we think about how we can “bring the world to Fredericton.” For many of us, travelling to far-flung locales like China, Austria or Spain to see live performance isn’t a feasible option. That’s why we’re so excited to present artists from each of these countries during the upcoming season, with performances by Immortal Chi, a Chinese martial arts and acrobatic group; the Vienna Boys Choir; and Las Migas, an all-female flamenco music quartet.

We are also looking forward to welcoming artists from eight Canadian provinces, and from New York, Louisiana, Missouri and Minnesota. This season includes a large number of familiar names from Atlantic Canada, from rock band Sloan, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their hit album One Chord to Another, to Cape Breton-based traditional band Còig, performing a special Celtic Christmas show.

We try to include a few unexpected performances in our Spotlight Series, and I always encourage our patrons to branch out and try something new. I’m thrilled that we were able to include Tanya Tagaq this year, as one example. She creates a unique vocal expression rooted in Inuit throat singing, while incorporating electronic, industrial and metal influences – it’s exquisite, unnerving, and quite unlike anything else you’ve heard.

We also have a couple of innovative theatre performances fresh off the fringe circuit from Canadian performers, like This Hour Has 22 Minutes actor Gavin Crawford’s hilarious take on social media, “FRIEND” “LIKE” #ME, and New Brunswick’s own Nancy Kenny, who will perform her piece Roller Derby Saved My Soul in our intimate backstage space.

The Spotlight Series is also intended as a vehicle for audiences to have memorable experiences with friends and family, which is why we include performances appropriate for all ages. One example this season is Machine de Cirque, a young, contemporary Quebec-based circus company that puts on a spectacular show, full of theatrics, acrobatics and juggling.

This is also the key tenet of our Kidstage Series, announced earlier this year. In the season ahead, this series will include three shows – returning favourite DuffleBag Theatre with ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Lightwire Theater’s Moon Mouse: A Space Odyssey, and aforementioned bluesman Guy Davis. These shows are presented to help introduce young audiences to the magic of the performing arts, while creating lasting memories.

For households planning to attend multiple shows this season, I would recommend becoming a Spotlight Member. For a low annual membership fee, members receive discounts on Spotlight and Kidstage Series performances, as well as discounts on our partners’ series – Theatre New Brunswick, Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada, Symphony New Brunswick and New Brunswick Country Showcase performances.

But likely the best reason to become a member is to get first access to seats. While full-price tickets won’t go on sale to non-members until later this summer, our members can purchase tickets and select their preferred seats now.

However you choose to participate, I hope to see you at the Playhouse when our new Spotlight Series begins this September. The line-up truly has something for everyone, and provides an excellent opportunity to experience a wide world of performing arts right here at home.

Tim Yerxa is the Executive Director of the Fredericton Playhouse.




The 2016-2017 Spotlight Series brings the world to our doorstep


The Fredericton Playhouse has announced its 2016-2017 Spotlight Series, which includes thirty-one professional performances in music, theatre and dance from a wide range of different genres. The Spotlight Series invites some of the most exciting artists touring today to the Playhouse stage, offering East Coast favourites, internationally acclaimed ensembles, up-and-coming musicians, innovative dance and circus shows, hilarious comedy performances, inspiring theatre pieces and much more.

“Our Spotlight Series features a number of phenomenal artists from our region this year, but we’re also excited to welcome performers from all over the world who will be making their way to Fredericton,” said Playhouse Executive Director Tim Yerxa. “That’s the wonderful thing about the Spotlight Series – it really brings the world to our doorstep and allows us to experience artists from as far away as China, as well as artists from right here in the Atlantic Provinces.”

“As always, we’re thrilled that the Spotlight Series offers something for every taste, whether you’re interested in classical, contemporary or traditional arts. We have an impressive range of large-scale productions and small, intimate shows from some of the top artists performing today.”

The internationally renowned Vienna Boys Choir returns to the Playhouse with quintessentially Viennese music, waltzes and polkas. Another group of beloved vocalists, Juno-winning a cappella group The Nylons will perform on the Playhouse stage as part of their exciting farewell tour.

The season includes a second a cappella performance from country sensations Home Free, who rose to fame after winning NBC’s The Sing-Off in 2013. Audiences will love their high-energy show, quick-witted humour, and incredible covers of everything from Dolly Parton to Andy Grammer songs. Country fans will also be excited to hear that Alberta-based country star Brett Kissel is included in the Spotlight Series. Kissel has broken into the country scene in a major way over the last few years, with five consecutive top 10 radio hits.

There are a number of powerful theatre performances coming up in 2016-2017, including the award-winning play Jake’s Gift, a moving piece about a Second World War veteran, which will be presented as a special Pay What You Will show. Rick Miller’s new solo performance BOOM explores the music, culture and politics that defined the Baby Boom generation through cutting-edge multimedia, unforgettable characters and tour-de-force storytelling. Roller Derby Saved My Soul has become a major hit on the fringe circuit, charming audiences across the country with its mixture of heartwarming honesty and snappy observations. Audiences will also be treated to a performance by former This Hour Has 22 Minutes actor Gavin Crawford, staring in his one-man show “FRIEND” “LIKE” #ME, a hilarious exploration of social media.

The Spotlight Series features performances full of wonder and spectacle, such as Machine de Cirque, a young, contemporary circus company whose show is both poetic and humorous, full of theatrics, acrobatics, juggling and much more. And the Playhouse will invite patrons to step beyond its walls to see Le Patin Libre, a group of former high-level figure skaters who bring urban street dance and high level artistic expression onto the ice, with a mix of movement, wit, speed and grace. They will perform their stunning piece Vertical Influences at the rink at Willie O’Ree Place in February.

There are several exciting dance pieces in the season: versatile and provocative contemporary dance company Joe Ink will perform their emotionally resonant and visually striking piece, 4OUR; innovative group Out Innerspace’s newest piece, Major Motion Picture, will explore timely themes of surveillance, territory, propaganda and belief; and internationally acclaimed company Ballet BC will make its triumphant return to the Playhouse with three pieces from three celebrated choreographers, promising a performance that is powerful, thought-provoking and transformative.

The upcoming Spotlight Series will feature a number of skilled singer-songwriters. Audiences will be blown away by Juno-winning folk musician Stephen Fearing’s powerful lyrics, creative arrangements and brilliant guitar playing. Danny Michel and Fortunate Ones will join forces for an exciting double bill – Michel is an adventurous and fearless artist who slips into many different genres, from rock, to folk, to world music with ease, while Newfoundland-based folk-pop duo Fortunate Ones weave blissful vocal harmonies, guitar, accordion, piano and percussion to draw listeners in.

Fans of East Coast music will also want to check out a special ECMA Songwriters Tour, featuring some of our region’s hottest up-and-coming songwriters, including New Brunswick’s Mike Biggar, Jordan Musycsyn of Cape Breton, Newfoundland’s Jon Pike, Nova Scotia’s Ian Sherwood, and Andrew Waite from Prince Edward Island. Còig, one of Atlantic Canada’s premier traditional groups, will show off their fiery Celtic style in a special Cape Breton Christmas show in December. Newfoundland-based trio The Once, known for their powerful vocals and expert instrumentation, will demonstrate their perfect blend of voice and melody.

Another highly anticipated performance this season will come from rock band Sloan, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Juno-winning album One Chord to Another with a special tour that will stop at the Playhouse this fall. The quartet will perform the album in its entirety, along with other hit songs and fan favourites from their extensive catalogue.

There are a number of productions in the 2016-2017 season with international connections. Roots: A Journey Through India will be presented in partnership with the Association of Indo-Canadians as a celebration of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, culminating in a performance by Bollywood fusion company DancewithSL. Immortal Chi brings the ancient traditions and rich theatrical history of China to life, with a spectacular display of Chinese martial arts and jaw-dropping acrobatics. Hailing from Spain, all-female quartet Las Migas boasts a fascinating blend of flamenco and Mediterranean styles, combining classical and contemporary rhythms.

Comedy fans can look forward to a number of side-splitting performances, starting with the already announced special presentation, the hit off-Broadway show Menopause the Musical, coming to the Playhouse this October. Returning favourite Sharron Matthews brings her crowd-pleasing holiday show Sharron’s Christmas Party to Fredericton, combining stand-up with a pop concert for a fun, irreverent performance. Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring will offer a behind-the-scenes look at their award-winning satirical CBC radio show in This is That LIVE, featuring a mix of character interviews and mockumentary stories. New Brunswick’s own Tutta Musica and Hubcap Comedy Festival join forces on Symfunny Orchestra, a hilarious musical production, featuring beloved comedian Marshall Button, and Maestro Antonio Delgado and his orchestra.

Fans of tribute performances will fall in love with the Rémi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble’s performance, Swingin’ with Oscar, an homage to jazz legend Oscar Peterson. Channeling a different genre, actor and musician Joe Matheson, known as “the quintessential voice of Hank Williams,” will pay tribute to the country great in Hank Williams Live 1952. The season features two exciting performances from audience favourites Classic Albums Live – The Beatles: Abbey Road, and The Eagles: Hotel California. Also in the tribute vein is the HillBenders’ performance of The Who’s Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry. This imaginative recreation of the Who’s classic rock opera combines virtuoso musicianship and rock star vocals, bringing the hit album to life with a fresh, bluegrass sound.

The season will also include a performance by Polaris Prize-winning artist Tanya Tagaq. Unnerving and exquisite, Tagaq’s unique vocal expression is rooted in Inuit throat singing, while incorporating electronic, industrial and metal influences to create music unlike anything else.

The Fredericton Playhouse Spotlight Series includes a special Spotlight Membership option. For only $55, Members receive early access to the best seats in the house and special pricing on all Spotlight Series, Special Presentations and Spotlight Partner performances (Kidstage Series, Theatre New Brunswick, New Brunswick Country Showcase, Symphony New Brunswick and the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada).

“We’re thrilled that our Spotlight membership program has received such a high level of participation over the years,” Yerxa said. “With the purchase of one membership, patrons can buy up to six discounted tickets per performance, which puts money back in their pockets right away.”

Spotlight Memberships are on sale now and members can purchase discounted tickets to Spotlight Series performances immediately. Full priced tickets go on sale on July 29.

For detailed information on 2016-2017 Spotlight Series performances, a season guide is available at the Playhouse box office or online at

2016-2017 series-at-a-glance 

Joe Ink – September 24 (
Sloan – October 12 (
The Nylons Farewell Tour – October 13 (
Tanya Tagaq – October 21 (
The Once – October 27 (
Gavin Crawford: “FRIEND” “LIKE” #ME – October 29 (
Roots: A Journey Through India – October 30 (
Las Migas – November 2 (
Classic Albums Live: Abbey Road – November 3 (
Symfunny Orchestra – November 4 (
Danny Michel and Fortunate Ones – November 12 (;
Hank Williams Live 1952 – November 18 (
Out Innerspace – November 29 (
Sharron’s Christmas Party – November 30 (
Còig – December 2 (
Brett Kissel – February 2 (
Machine de Cirque – February 9 (
Le Patin Libre – February 12 (
ECMA Songwriters Tour – February 16
Ballet BC – February 24 (
Vienna Boys Choir – March 15 (
The Who’s Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry – March 17 (
Immortal Chi – April 5 (
Classic Albums Live: Hotel California – April 7 (
Stephen Fearing – April 8 (
Jake’s Gift – April 11 (
Roller Derby Saved My Soul – April 21 (
This is That LIVE – April 26 (
Home Free – April 27 (
BOOM – May 12 (
Swingin’ with Oscar – May 13 (

Meet the Playhouse: Sally and Alexandra


At the Fredericton Playhouse, we’re proud to have a dedicated team working behind the scenes to bring you incredible live performance experiences. Over the past few weeks, we’ve introduced you to some of the staff members who help make the magic happen. This week, we’re wrapping up our series with Patron Services Manager Sally Goodwin and Communications Director Alexandra Davis!

Name: Sally Goodwin

Job title: Patron Services Manager

How long have you worked at the Playhouse? Six years

Describe your day-to-day job: Scheduling volunteers, front of house and bar staff, managing any food and beverage requirements, booking tours, attending meetings, and let’s not forget the social committee!

Describe your background: I am a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada.  Prior to working at the Playhouse, I spent 10 years as a stage manager working in both regional and touring theatre.

What’s something you like to do outside of work? I enjoy playing tennis and starting home improvement projects that I will never finish.

What’s your favourite thing about Fredericton? My favourite thing about Fredericton is the view of the South Side in the fall when coming across the Princess Margaret Bridge.  Stunning.

What’s your favourite Playhouse memory? My favourite Playhouse memory would be the second summer we had the Bricklin here and some of us took turns taking the car out to different events/driving around for no reason. It was pretty nifty.

Name: Alexandra Davis

Job title: Communications Director

How long have you worked at the Playhouse? Two-and-a-half years

Describe your day-to-day job: I create and manage the Playhouse’s various communications, including social media updates, blog posts, press releases, e-news, e-blasts, season guides, show programs and a portion of our website. I coordinate advertising for Playhouse programs and performances, which includes everything from booking print and radio ads, to working with a graphic designer to create posters, rack cards and other materials. I also work with other staff members to develop marketing tactics to highlight specific performances and other Playhouse activities.

Describe your background: I have a Bachelor of Arts from UNB and a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of King’s College in Halifax. Prior to working at the Playhouse, I was the editor of Here Magazine.

What’s something you like to do outside of work? I watch a lot of television, and try to read a lot of books to balance things out.

What’s your favourite thing about Fredericton? I love the small, vibrant downtown area here in Fredericton.

What’s your favourite Playhouse memory? I’ve seen so many amazing artists on the Playhouse stage, but I have to say that Darlene Love’s performance just last year was a highlight for me. I first learned about her when I saw the documentary 20 Feet from Stardom a few years ago – she has such a spectacular voice and stage presence, and her life story is fascinating.


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